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Mary Smeeth

I am a qualified Family and Systemic Psychotherapist offering a confidential therapeutic service to individuals, couples and families in East Anglia.

I have worked with individuals and families in the UK and the United States, helping them find solutions that work for them uniquely, in a practical and down to earth way – it’s more than just talking!

I also provide individual and group clinical supervision, and training on working with families, adolescent development and addiction, both in the UK and the US.

I have raised my three children as a single working mum, whilst gaining my professional qualifications. I have worked in mental health since 1994, with adults, families, couples, and young people, including those in prison, those with addiction, and those dealing with domestic violence, relationship problems, grief and loss, and neuro-developmental disorders.
£80/hour for therapy and
£60/hour for supervision

How I can help?

Individual Psychotherapy

Life can sometimes throw more at
us that we can manage at the time.
Taking some time out to talk through things can be helpful. I am trained to work with individuals, as well as couples and families; this allows us the flexibility of involving people close to you in our conversations, if that seems appropriate. It also means that even while we are talking one to one, I am likely to have a good understanding of how your current situation is affected by the significant relationships in your life.

Our conversations will remain confidential, unless you or someone else is in danger, or unless you give permission for me to share information with someone else, such as your GP.

I am happy to have an initial no-obligation discussion over the phone, or by email, to help decide if personal therapy is right for you.

Couples and Family

However much we love our nearest and dearest,
they are often the biggest source of stress in
our lives.
Busy lives mean that couples often don’t have time to talk about things that are bothering them; problems can silently grow until they are too big to tackle on your own. Sometimes, couples need time and an impartial professional to decide if their relationship is experiencing a bad patch, or has reached the end of the road. Couples therapy can help relationships get back on track, or can make an inevitable parting kinder for all parties, especially if there are children involved.

Relationships between parents and children, or even grandparents and children can be very stressful. Families are often swamped with well-meaning advice, but nobody quite understands how difficult your particular situation is, and that what worked for your friend, or your parents’ generation may not work for you. You may be juggling several needs at once, such as work, financial problems, and relationships with current or ex-partners. Systemic or Family Therapy looks at the big picture, and can help you improve important relationships.

Stress Management

Do you feel as if you just have
too much on your plate?
Is your health and sleep suffering? Are you falling into unhealthy habits to get through? A little stress can be stimulating, too much can be overwhelming. I have helped busy people like you manage stress for over twenty years. Life needn’t be this hard and taking a few sessions to talk through what you can and can’t change and how to manage the impact of the demands life places on you can be an investment in your most valuable asset – yourself.

Substance Misuse

Have you or a loved one used drugs
or alcohol to cope with life?
Has what once was a way to relax become more important in your life? Do drugs or alcohol get in the way of work or family life? Would you like a confidential place to discuss how to make the changes necessary to live differently? I have over twenty years’ experience working with people whose drug and alcohol use has got in the way of life, and with the families and partners affected by someone else’s habit. I have trained hundreds of professionals in the UK and the USA to work with substance misuse holistically, as an issue that affects the individual, their family and sometimes their community. Call or email for a confidential initial assessment without obligation.

Clinical Supervision

Do you feel as if you just have
too much on your plate?
As a caring individual, your clients will turn to you for help. It is important that you have a safe confidential space to think about the emotional content of the work you are doing and its impact on you. Good clinical supervision will challenge you in your thinking and support you in your practice. Most importantly, it will help you achieve the balance and perspective necessary to be effective in your professional role and in your personal life. I offer group or individual confidential clinical supervision.

Costs are often covered by your employer, but I also often work with professionals who see the cost of supervision as an investment in their practice and their peace of mind.

Experience and Qualifications

“Trusted experience over 25yrs
and recognised professional in her field”
BA. English and Education
Pg Dip. Addictive Behaviour
Pg Cert. Clinical Mental Health
MA. Professional Counselling
MA. Systemic Psychotherapy
UKCP Registered
AFT Member
PG Cert in Clinical Hypnosis
EMDR Certified

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